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The Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative (BADAC) was established by members of the Ballarat and District Aboriginal community in 1979. BADAC delivers health, social, welfare and community development programs to local Aboriginal people.


Since 1979, the organisation has grown considerably and now delivers a wide range of services, underpinned by its adaption of the Social Inclusion principles, which incorporate the following programs:

  • Early Childhood Learning & Development

  • Children & Youth Services

  • Koorie Youth Justice

  • Family Support

  • Aboriginal Led Family Decision Making

  • Aboriginal Children in Aboriginal Care

  • Cultural Planning

  • Integrated Family Services

  • Kinship Care

  • Stronger Families

  • Therapeutic Care

  • My Aged Care

  • Housing

  • Health

  • Allied Health

  • Diabetes Health

  • Social and Emotional Well Being

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs

  • Family Violence

  • Local Justice

  • Stolen Generation


BADAC is the Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisation (ACCO) for the Ballarat and district area, covering 4 local government areas (LGAs).

BADAC is focused on prevention and early intervention, always with a client-centred approach, to ensure that our clients are personally engaging in the development and nurturing of their own futures.


BADAC is governed by a Board of Directors who are voted in annually by the members of the Co-operative.


Board Directors
Larry Kanoa – Chairperson
Brandon Green – Deputy Chair
Secretary - Deb Callister
Marjorie Pickford – Treasurer

Renee Bosworth - Director

Pauline Scott - Director

Kylie Laxton - Director



Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative (BADAC) provide a range of health and wellbeing services to the local community. We focus on the area presented in the map below. Requests for Service provision outside of our area (listed below) will be considered on a case by case basis. Local towns services by BADAC include: Bacchus Marsh, Ballan, Dayelsford, Scarsdale and Scotsburn.

Our Region


Membership applications must be approved by the Board, and accompanied by the relevant fee or amount set out in Part 2 of Appendix 3 of the Model Rules of BADAC.


The membership fee is currently: $1.00 per share.
($0.10 fee is paid by the applicant, and the remaining $0.90 is subsidised by BADAC).
BADAC membership applications are approved by the Board at regular monthly meetings.


No member shall hold more than one share.
Only persons of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent (or spouses or parents of) may apply for membership.


Alternatively, you may request a copy of the form to be sent to you from BADAC Reception by calling 03 5331 5344 or emailing

You can also download a copy of the form below.

A BADAC member is considered an “Active Member” if the member has used or been part of any BADAC services (as defined in the Model Rules) in the past 12 months.


Members are required to be active. Being an active member means that in a 12 month period the member:

  • has utilised or supported an activity of the Co-operative,

  • or maintained a relationship with, the Co-operative, in connection with the carrying on of a primary activity of the Co-operative.


Inactivity for a period of 12 months will result in cancellation of the shareholder’s membership at BADAC. A letter notifying the member of this cancellation will be posted to the member’s last known address as recorded at BADAC.

Strategic Plan


The Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative have adopted the Social Inclusion principles to underpin its strategic vision, service delivery and program development activities, which leads toward our community’s self-determination.


The Strategic Business Plan 2021-2024 was developed through consultation with key stakeholders of our Co-operative, including the BADAC Community, Elders, Management, Staff, and external agencies.

Organisational Chart


Originating in 1979 as an incorporated organisation to provide the local Aboriginal community with generic medications health, welfare, and housing services, BADAC has come a long way over the last few years to now offer so much more.

BADAC operates all its services and businesses out of 8 separate programs.


If you would like access to your information, please contact Human Resources via email at or by mail to PO Box 643, Ballarat, Victoria, 3353.

Privacy Policy


The Tree Room is our main function and community room available for hire here at BADAC.

The Tree Room represents our community members and families that have been a part of the BADAC journey over a long period of time.

The tree replica represents the roots of where BADAC has come from up to the branches that spread throughout the roof connecting to pictures of our respective community members who have all contributed to BADACs growth over 43 years.

The Tree Room is a respectful space where all community can come together in a social or professional setting to discuss business or gather for a yarn.

If you would like further information on the Tree Room, please contact BADAC reception on (03) 5331 5344 or You can also download the booking form below.

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tree room U shape 1.JPG
Tree Room
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