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The Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative will be the strongest voice and presence in the Ballarat District, supporting and respecting our people, enhancing our community, growing our culture and honouring our heritage


The Ballarat And District Aboriginal Co-operative

The Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative (BADAC) was established by members of the Ballarat and district Aboriginal community in 1979. It became a co-operative to deliver health, social, welfare and community development programs to local Aboriginal people.

Since 1979, the organisation has grown considerably and now delivers a wide range of services, underpinned by its adaption of the Social Inclusion principles.


BADAC is the Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisation (ACCHO) for the Ballarat and district area, covering 4 local government areas (LGAs). Our services are open to all members of the public, with priority given to our members.


BADAC is focused on prevention and early intervention, always with a client-centred approach, to ensure that our clients are personally engaging in the development and nurturing of their own futures.


How BADAC's Indigenous childcare centres are changing futures

For the children at BADAC's two childcare centres, Indigenous culture, language, and activities are embedded into their everyday fun and play, and helping educate the wider community.

Importantly, it also has the power to set them on a positive pathway to the future.

In 2021, Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative opened its first childcare centre Perridak Burron (Platypus Children) in Brown Hill and last year Yirram Burron (Morning Children) opened its doors in Sebastopol with the centres catering for 170 children from Indigenous and non Indigenous families.

This year the centres have been named as finalists in the prestigious 2023 Victorian Early Years Awards for the Aunty Rose Bamblett Koorie Early Years Legacy Award.

"We wanted to make sure it's not just a childcare centre ... but create a culturally safe space and different dynamic for Indigenous and non-Indigenous kids to be influenced by Indigenous culture and learning that we missed as young children," Mr Brown said.

"Historically, Ballarat was where our Stolen Generation were brought and they had a massive disconnect with their cultural identity, who they were," Mr Brown said.

"We can instill culture and identity in our Aboriginal children ... giving those kids a better future and connection and understanding.

The winners of each of the nine categories in the Victorian Early Years Awards will be named at a gala ceremony on November 9.

You can view the full story by The Courier's Michelle Smith at:

shu and perridak kids.jpg

Henry, 5, Arlo, 5, Shu Brown and Patrick, 5, swap stories at BADAC's Perridak Burron Early Learning Centre in Brown Hill which is a finalist in the 2023 Victorian Early Years Awards.

Picture by Lachlan Bence

Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative encourages strong community ties

R U OK Day has taken on special significance for Ballarat's Indigenous community this year.

More than 50 members of Ballarat's Indigenous community - and their supporters - celebrated R U OK Day on Thursday with inspiring speakers, a morning tea - and most importantly, meaningful conversations.

"R U OK Day is a time when all Australians come together at community events across the country to share this important message," April Burgoyne from the Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative said.

"The theme of Stronger Together is a part of the campaign this year.

"We want people to: Ask your mob, in your way, are you ok?"

"The purpose of hosting this event was to raise awareness locally, create conversations and provide information to the community about BADAC's services."


You can view the full story by The Courier's Gabrielle Hodson at:

april and koz courier 15.9.jpg

April Burgoyne and Korriene Lennecke mark R U OK Day. at the Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative. Picture by Alex Dalziel.

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