The Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative will be the strongest voice and presence in the Ballarat District, supporting and respecting our people, enhancing our community, growing our culture and honouring our heritage


The Ballarat And District Aboriginal Co-operative

The Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative (BADAC) was established by members of the Ballarat and district Aboriginal community in 1979. It became a co-operative to deliver health, social, welfare and community development programs to local Aboriginal people.

Since 1979, the organisation has grown considerably and now delivers a wide range of services, underpinned by its adaption of the Social Inclusion principles.


BADAC is the Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisation (ACCHO) for the Ballarat and district area, covering 4 local government areas (LGAs). Our services are open to all members of the public, with priority given to our members.


BADAC is focused on prevention and early intervention, always with a client-centred approach, to ensure that our clients are personally engaging in the development and nurturing of their own futures.


Indigenous youth court bigger art goals after this exhibition

WHAT started as a design to raise a few hundred dollars to boost a youth camp has expanded 10-fold into the prospect of a new basketball half-court.

Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative's youth group staged an art exhibition with their work at Housey Housey this week and, after announcing the idea, added works donated from day care groups and local Indigenous artists.

The collection they pieced together raised more than $4000 from the exhibition and the group has begun planning how they could sell more works to bring a basketball court to their Beverin Street hub.

BADAC youth team member Jane Marini said young artists had been keen to talk about their work and the stories behind pieces with interested buyers and art admirers.

"Their little faces light up whenever someone is interested in their art," Ms Marini said. "We couldn't have done this without about 200 extra people involved."

So close to realising their dream goal, Ms Marini confirmed the youth group would also still have the boost it needed to go on the camp they had originally set as a fundraising goal.

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Image credit: Rachael Green - BRIGHT NOTES: Macy and Jane Marini explore Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative's youth art exhibition this week.

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Platypus Tracks
Autumn 2022

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Support to give an unnamed Lake Gardens road an Indigenous name

In a nod to the Wadawurrung traditional owners and wider Indigenous community, City of Ballarat is seeking to bestow an Indigenous name on a long unnamed roadway located in Ballarat's Lake Gardens.

The proposed name - 'Kunuwarra Drive' (pronounced Koo-noo-warrah), which translates to 'black swan' in the native Wadawurrung language - aligns with a Victorian government push to incorporate more Indigenous languages into street or place names, having recently revised the state's naming rules .

It was a sentiment shared by Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation chief executive Paul Davis, who said traditional owners had been consulted on, and supported, the proposal.

"I think we're all on a bit of a journey around recognising full histories, past wrongs and opportunities for the future," he said, noting Aboriginal place naming was an important means of preserving Indigenous culture.

Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative chief executive Karen Heap largely echoed these remarks, saying the proposal would constitute another positive step forward for Ballarat.

"Our community and the wider Ballarat community has been through a lot in the last few years, with things like the pandemic and we all pulled together well," she said.

"We haven't got many Aboriginal street names in Ballarat, at this stage, so this really would be brilliant."

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Image credit: Luke Hemer - The unnamed road in the Prince of Wales recreation reserve.

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