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Our housing program provides a range of safe, secure and affordable accommodation to those from the Ballarat district Aboriginal community.


Rental Accommodation Program

The purpose of this program is to provide Aboriginal people with low cost rental housing within the Ballarat district and surrounding areas.

A house provides much more than shelter and BADAC recognises that without adequate housing, general health and emotional wellbeing is at higher risk; relationships and other social issues are more difficult to manage; and people are unable to make the most of the education and employment opportunities that will benefit them and their families.

BADAC supports home ownership and sees this as being a concrete start in raising the quality of life and living standards of its members. Eligible members are encouraged to seek finance assistance through IBA (Indigenous Business Australia) or other sources to secure the ownership of their rental property with BADAC.

If you are interested to apply for BADAC Housing, please complete the BADAC Housing Application form and submit to Main Reception at the Co-operative (Market St).

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