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BADAC provides Integrated Family Services (IFS) to support families experiencing a variety of issues, including Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Financial stress and legal concerns.  Many of these issues impact on the children in the family. IFS main focus and priority in providing support services is the welfare of the children in the family. IFS is culturally sensitive to the needs of the child and family.

The primary focus of the IFS Program is offer case management services to assist parents to develop greater coping abilities with the aim of minimizing child protection involvement.

IFS encourages and promotes reconciliation with the child’s family through engagement with the immediate and extended family.

IFS provides crisis support including:

  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Food Assistance
  • Transport
  • Direct Support

IFS can also provide one on one support including:

  • Centrelink Appointments
  • Court support
  • Supervised Access
  • Medical Appointments
  • Ante-natal Clinic Appointments
  • School meetings
  • Meetings with other Agencies

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